Induction crucible furnace IChT – 6.0 (shipment to Poltava)

The crucible induction furnace IChT – 6.0 was shipped to the plant in Poltava on February 14, 2019

The customer’s task was to perform the repair of assembly units and to manufacture new missing equipment for a complete set of the furnace.

  1. Overhaul of the IChT-6.0 furnace inductor, melting insert, magnetic circuits, and capacitor bank was completed.
  2. The furnace is equipped with new water-cooled cables, a set of inductor connection leads, a drain funnel with sensors.
  3. The control cabinet of the furnace and alarm was manufactured on the basis of a new element base, developed at our enterprise.

The specialists of our company are constantly improving the manufactured equipment, taking into account the needs of the Customer.

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