Repair of furnaces, induction melting equipment and accessories

We repair furnaces of any complexity, induction and arc furnaces such as ITPE, IChT, ILT, IST, IAT, chipboard, DSPT, as well as furnaces of foreign manufacturers such as INDUKTOTHERM, INDEMAK, Ajax, Eges, etc.

We are modernizing induction furnaces made in the USSR using advanced technologies, due to which the energy efficiency of the equipment increases, which gives direct cost savings in production, due to energy savings.

We restore individual units and components for induction and arc furnaces:

  • Melting units;
  • Water-cooled power cables;
  • TFC (thyristor frequency converter);
  • Capacitor banks using new generation capacitors;
  • Water cooling cabinet;
  • Magnetic conductors, current conductors.

The advantage of the induction furnace is its high performance and reliability, simplicity and ease of use but even the most reliable equipment can fail.

Recommendations: in the event of an accident, breakdown of the induction furnace and equipment, contact highly qualified specialists for analysis and repair. Most often, the equipment is subject to repair and re-enters operation and operating mode. Repair, refurbishment and modernization are more cost effective than purchasing new equipment or an induction furnace.

We will perform even the most complex work with furnaces and induction equipment

You can order repairs of any complexity and configuration from us. The enterprise has all the necessary equipment, technical capabilities and highly qualified specialists with experience to carry out defects identification of equipment, determine the maintainability of units and components for induction and arc furnaces.

To save the Customer’s time, the specialists of our company are ready to go to the Customer’s territory for defects identification and equipment pre-installation.

After carrying out repair and restoration work, tests are carried out, a guarantee is provided for the work performed. A quality certificate is provided. After-sales service is provided.