Water-cooled and air-cooled power cables

LLC “PP” Termolit Plus “designs and manufactures water-cooled and air-cooled power cables, with any type of nozzles , core cross-section from 240 m2 to 6,000 m2, for induction, arc, ore-thermal electric furnaces and electroslag remelting installations, as well as for any other industrial equipment where a flexible current supply is required.

In addition to standard cables, LLC “PP” Termolit Plus “manufactures water-cooled power cables and air-cooled power cables according to the customer’s specifications. In addition, the following is agreed with the Customer: the type of nozzles, the connecting dimensions of the nozzles, the section of the flexible conductor, the construction length of the cable, the material of the protective sleeve, etc. Based on the operating conditions of water-cooled cables: dynamic, temperature, electrical loads, sleeves are used that are different in design and composition of the rubber compound.

Power cables manufactured by LLC “PP” Termolit Plus “are thoroughly checked and tested. The production of cables is carried out using special proven technologies and exclusively from high quality materials. Systematic work is underway to improve designs and production technologies.

Advantages of water-cooled power cables manufactured by LLC “PP” Termolit Plus “

  • 20 years of technical experience in cable production;
  • Quality nozzle fitting: used only argon and brazing;
  • Герметичный кабельный рукав;
  • Sealed cable sleeve;
  • High quality components;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.

Power water-cooled cables and air-cooled cables are used as flexible conductors of electricity, transmitting current to heating elements of high-power electric furnaces: induction, arc, ore-thermal and electroslag remelting plants.