Refractory boards and formed parts

Refractory plates and shaped products are used in a variety of technological processes in metallurgy, construction, chemical and municipal industries, to protect against high temperatures, in mechanically and chemically aggressive conditions use special concrete blocks and structures.

To solve these specific problems, special concrete mixtures have been developed and are being produced, from which various shaped products are made. They are made for:

Огнеупорные плиты

We create equipment for casting, heating, hardening, heat treatment of metal, equipment cooling systems. We design equipment, manufacture, carry out erection supervision, commissioning of equipment, train personnel.

We design and manufacture non-standard solutions for thermoelectric metal processing. In the production of components and assemblies for induction melting furnaces, we use high quality materials and the latest equipment and machines.

фасонные изделия

They are made for:

  • thermal insulation of equipment and units
  • as burners and nozzles for gas ovens
  • as a chemically resistant lining
  • use in the technological chain of liquid metal processing (ladle, crucible, trough)
  • use in units with increased thermal and mechanical stress
  • as supporting structures for metallurgical furnaces
  • manufacture of high-temperature passages and pipelines
  • protection of structures and metals from ultra-high temperatures
  • use as crucibles and working space for melting non-ferrous metals

Drawings of burner, plates and other formed parts

The correct selection of refractory concrete in the manufacture of gas burners will determine the operability and service life of furnaces, trouble-free operation and the size of the overhaul intervals.

For example, a gas burner will double the life of the furnace lining.

It is very important to use high-quality refractory vaults, slabs, hearths in the construction of melting furnaces. Destruction of the arc furnace roof or the base plate of an induction furnace can have unpredictable consequences.

Чертежи горелки, плиты, др. фасонные изделия

For partners and clients

Our company will make custom-made concrete, vibro-formed and heat-treated components and fittings of various shapes and applications.

Designers of “Termolit Plus”, according to the terms of reference, design a 3D model, develop tooling and casting technology according to a given drawing or a sample. We carry out orders for the manufacture of individual, piece goods of any complexity in the shortest possible time. We invite new partners to cooperate in organizing serial production of refractory concrete components on an ongoing basis.

The advantages of working with us – plates and shaped (refractory) products

  • we will help in the selection of the required refractory material;
  • we will carry out the necessary preparation of production and make a rigging;
  • we will cast and heat-treat at the required temperature conditions of any complexity.

Optimal properties of refractory products

The quality of refractory products is determined by the following properties:

  • wear resistance and mechanical strength under thermal loads;
  • fire resistance under constant exposure to high temperatures in chambers;
  • ability to endure cyclic thermal shocks for a long time;
  • chemical neutrality in contact with liquid metal;
  • preservation of geometry and constancy of shape during heating.

Operating temperatures for different equipment range from 1100-1750 degrees Celsius.

  • lining of pellet boilers 1100 – 1250;
  • channel furnaces 900 – 1300;
  • burners for gas furnaces 1150 – 1300;
  • vaults of arc furnaces 1200 – 1300;
  • induction oven plates 1100 – 1450;
  • pouring ladles 1500 – 1750.

Shaped refractory products from a reliable partner

LLC “Termolit Plus” produces shaped refractory products, segments, plates, rings, vaults, crucibles and much more, which are based on high-quality concrete from the best manufacturers.

We can custom-make any products or refractory concrete lining that can withstand up to 1750 degrees Celsius. In production, concrete with a density of 2.4 to 3.55 g / cm3 is used. Additionally, the composition may include polymer fibers made of stainless non-magnetic metal to reinforce the product.

We also sell dry refractory (mixtures), help in the selection and advise customers on their correct use. Material with a maximum application temperature of 1450 degrees with and without fiber is always available in our warehouse. A wide range of accessories for induction, arc and gas furnaces as well as electric resistance furnaces.

Фасонные огнеупорные изделия от надежного партнера

A wide range of accessories for induction, arc and gas furnaces as well as electric resistance furnaces.