What is the simplest inductor? This is a copper tube or bus bent into a ring. If an alternating current is passed through this structure, a magnetic field will arise, the intensity of which will periodically change in direction and magnitude depending on time.

The device itself is often created in the form of a cylindrical single-layer coil, which is based on a hollow copper tube of a special profile and section.

There are 2 types of winding:

  • spiral – the turns of the winding are laid in a spiral with a certain pitch;
  • transpositional – horizontal loop, while the transition between levels is carried out using inclined sections.

As for the rigidity. It is provided in two different ways:

  • If there is an electrical insulating gap between the turns of the fastening, each turn is rigidly welded to the rack with brass studs;
  • All turns are carefully pressed against each other by two insulating plates with additional fixing of the latter to the vertical post. At the same time, each turn is insulated with glass tape or mikanite inserts.

The product is created from a special copper water-cooled tube of the M1 brand, with a rectangular cross section. The wall thickness is selected depending on the frequency of the current (the maximum depth of penetration of the alternating current into the copper base). The structure must have high mechanical rigidity and strength, since the induction furnace will regularly tilt to extract molten metal, placing a load on the inductor body. In addition to melting furnaces, inductors are used in induction heating and hardening installations, these inductors are calculated individually. Depending on the needs, we produce lining of heating and hardening inductors with refractory and heat-insulating materials.

Reliable induction equipment from a trusted manufacturer

LLC “Termolit Plus” is professionally engaged in the development, creation and implementation of inductors, focused on all spectra of the steel industry. Our team of designers and engineers design products using the latest technologies and developments everywhere, ensuring maximum energy efficiency of devices.

Each piece is carefully calculated, after which a drawing of the inductor and a quality certificate are provided. Additionally provides warranty and post-warranty service of inductors!

At the request of the customer, we can produce a complex “oven insert”, which already includes such components:

  • inductor;
  • magnetic circuit;
  • steel supporting structure.

We also provide a range of services for the design and calculation of materials for individual modification of the inductor. All products are created on modern equipment and machines, which ensures the highest quality products. Only copper grade M1 is used in the manufacture. Our inductors are designed for use in furnaces with melting weights from 10 kg to 30 tons or more. We work throughout Russia and Ukraine, as well as with the CIS countries and Europe. Prompt delivery of finished products to any region in the shortest possible time.