ITPE induction crucible electric furnaces

ITPE induction melting furnaces are medium frequency furnaces operating in the range from 2400 to 500 hertz. A series of medium-frequency induction furnaces of the ITPE type, developed by our specialists, is an improved and modernized version of IST furnaces. Due to the use of new materials and technologies in the manufacture of the furnace efficiency increased more than 10% in comparison with IST.

For example, the frame of the ITPE furnace is made of non-magnetic stainless steel. The IST has an aluminum frame which leads to its destruction when a small amount of melt enters. In the manufacture of IST inductors brass solder is used at the joints of the copper conductor, which leads to an increase in resistance. We strictly use special copper wire and argon-arc welding.

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We create equipment for casting, heating, hardening, heat treatment of metal, equipment cooling systems. We design equipment, manufacture, carry out erection supervision, commissioning of equipment, train personnel.

We design and manufacture non-standard solutions for thermoelectric metal processing. In the production of components and assemblies for induction melting furnaces, we use high quality materials and the latest equipment and machines.

In the IST furnace, from the capacitor bank to the inductor, an air-cooled aluminum bus is used, but we make it from a water-cooled copper conductor that has a low and stable resistance at elevated ambient temperatures. All these innovations ensure low losses in the circuit during transmission of electricity from the capacitor bank to the furnace inductor.

A higher-quality fifth-generation frequency converter is manufactured on the latest element base, which ensures its trouble-free operation. It makes no sense to list all the changes we have made, all these changes in the complex give tangible energy savings and, as a result, reduce the cost of production. The fast melting mode provides low metal waste, uniform melt temperature throughout the entire crucible volume, melting in any given temperature mode, high productivity.

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ITPE type furnaces employment

As in furnaces of the ITPE type, it is possible to melt open and inert gases, a wide range of metals and their alloys, cast iron, various alloyed steels, copper, aluminum, titanium, etc. The control system automatically maintains the melting mode selected by the operator.

Electric furnaces of the IST type are designed to operate under the following conditions:

  • height above sea level – no more than 1000 m;
  • ambient temperature – from + 5 to + 45 ° С;
  • non-explosive, not containing aggressive gases and impurities environment;
  • absence of sediment-forming impurities in cooled water;
  • the temperature of the cooling water should not be lower than the ambient temperature in the room by more than 15 ° С (to avoid the appearance of dew);
  • vapors and dust in concentrations not exceeding those specified in GOST 2.1.005-88;
  • vibration and shock at the installation site of the electric furnace must be absent.

To determine the actual performance of the IAT furnace and ILT furnace, the consumer needs to take into account the time spent on the introduction of alloying additives, refining, metal drainage, the technology of melting, the type of charge and the method of loading it and other technical operations.

Technical characteristics of induction crucible melting electric furnace

Parameter name ITPE


/0,1 ТГ*



/0,16 ТГ*



/0,25 ТГ*



/0,35 ТГ*



/0,4 ТГ*



/0,5 ТГ*



/0,8 ТГ*



/1,6 ТГ*

Melting unit capacity, tons 0,06 0,16 0,25 0,40 0,50 0,65 1,00 2,5
Maximum power consumed by the thyristor frequency converter from the circuit, kW 100 160 250 350 400 500 800  


Rated frequency of electric current, Hz
– supplying circuit 50
– loop circuit 2400 1000 800 500
Rated voltage, V
– supplying circuit 380 380 380 380 380 380 6000 6000
– loop circuit (on inductor) 800 800 800 800 800 800 1000 1000
Metal overheating temperature, С˚ 1600
Cooling water consumption (at a water temperature of 25˚С), m3 / hour 3,4 5,9 6,6 7,5 10,7 12,4 16,8 29,8
 – inductor 1,2 3,2 3,5 4,0 4,8 5,6 7,8 13,8
 – capacitor bank 0,2 0,7 1,1 1,5 2,2 2,8 4,0 6,0
 – thyristor frequency converter 2,0 2,0 2,0 2,0 3,7 4,0 5,0 10,0
Water pressure, kgf / cm2 2-4 2-4 2-4 2-6 4-6 4-6 4-6 4-6
Maximum melting and overheating rate, tons / hour 0,13 0,23 0,35 0,53 0,60 0,75 1,2 1,5
Specific power consumption (over the circuit), kWh / t 769 695 697 660 667 665 668 680
Melting unit weight, tons (no more) 0,55 0,85 1,15 1,35 1,50 1,90 5,36 7,2