SNО resistance chamber furnace

Resistance chamber furnaces are widely used in metallurgical industries for various heat treatment of products and materials.

Most often, resistance chamber furnaces are used for:

  • Annealing products and materials;
  • Product hardening;
  • Tempering;
  • Incineration.

The area of application of SNO furnaces includes foundries, forging and other industries of various sizes. Compact models can even be used in private workshops.

At the same time, the maximum operating temperature of SNО chamber furnaces can reach 1300 ° С

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We create equipment for casting, heating, hardening, heat treatment of metal, equipment cooling systems. We design equipment, manufacture, carry out erection supervision, commissioning of equipment, train personnel.

We design and manufacture non-standard solutions for thermoelectric metal processing. In the production of components and assemblies for induction melting furnaces, we use high quality materials and the latest equipment and machines.

Decoding of the SNO chamber furnace

Width, length, height, temperature, where:

С/S – resistance – type of heating;

H/N – chamber – design feature;

О – air – working environment of the chamber;

Technical description of the SNO chamber furnace

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The SNO resistance chamber furnace is made in a sheet material frame. The furnace lining is designed with high-quality fibrous refractory materials.

Power switches are made using diodes and thyristors (without using contactors and starters), which increases durability and optimizes operation at the moment of switching.

At the request of the customer an electronic or programmable temperature controller is installed in the control cabinet.

The mechanism for opening and closing the door is provided with a mechanical one, or it can be equipped with a pneumatic drive, which allows fixing the door lift at the required height

The furnace base is made of refractory concrete, with a maximum application temperature of 1600 Cº. The hearths of large chamber furnaces can be equipped with rollers for rolling out the hearth for easy loading and unloading of products and materials.

In the SNO chamber furnace only high quality heating elements are used. To ensure equal temperature distribution inside the chamber, the oven is equipped with a fan.

Service and warranties for the SNO chamber furnace

The designs of the SNO chamber furnaces and the overall dimensions are various, the design department of LLC “PP” Termolit Plus “offers for consideration a dimensional drawing for agreement with the Customer to determine the optimal parameters for the customer’s technical task.

All manufactured equipment is tested. All equipment is provided with a warranty and post-warranty service.

At all stages of the transaction, you are accompanied by a technical specialist and a member of the marketing department. We also offer logistics services for the delivery of equipment to the customer’s warehouse, as well as commissioning and personnel training.