Shaft furnaces – production and repair

LLC “PP” Termolit Plus “develops and manufactures shaft furnaces, chamber electric furnaces of the SSHO type.

Shaft electric furnaces are simple in design and are used in industry for hardening, annealing and heating products and materials.

Furnaces of this type are used for various production processes:

  • quenching, annealing and tempering;
  • heating blanks and parts;
  • drying of various materials;
  • artificial aging of metals.

Shaft electric furnaces of the SSHO type are also used in laboratory research. There are modifications that can work with different temperature ranges.

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We create equipment for casting, heating, hardening, heat treatment of metal, equipment cooling systems. We design equipment, manufacture, carry out erection supervision, commissioning of equipment, train personnel.

We design and manufacture non-standard solutions for thermoelectric metal processing. In the production of components and assemblies for induction melting furnaces, we use high quality materials and the latest equipment and machines.

Design feature of the shaft furnace

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The working space of the shaft electric furnace is an open-top shaft. The shaft is closed from above with a lid. The lifting mechanism of the cover can be performed with a mechanical handle or equipped with hydraulic pneumatic actuators.

The shaft electric furnace has a metal casing made of heat-resistant steel and coated with a special paint. The working space of the shaft electric furnace is made of refractory lining, which provides high energy efficiency and low heat losses. Heating elements are installed on the side walls of the working space. To increase the heating rate, it is possible to install a special fan to improve the uniformity of temperature distribution in the shaft furnace.

For ease of use, the control unit of the mine electric furnace is external. It allows you to regulate and monitor the temperature regime in the furnace.

The furnace power is calculated based on the weight of the load.

The design department of LLC “PP” Termolit Plus “develops furnaces

The design department of LLC “PP” Termolit Plus “develops furnaces according to the individual specifications of the customer. Together with the passport and operating instructions for the shaft electric furnace, we provide the passport for the thermostat and the design drawing of the shaft electric furnace.

Warranty for manufactured equipment 12 months

We carry out commissioning and, if necessary, staff training