Electric resistance furnaces: chamber and muffle

Our company has extensive experience in the manufacture of electric resistance furnaces (EPS) according to the customer’s specifications. Electric resistance furnaces are used in heavy, light and chemical industries, laboratory and scientific research, construction, for melting, drying, preheating, roasting, hardening and other types of heat processing of various materials.

Advantages of chamber and muffle furnaces

  • The possibility of obtaining any temperature in the furnace chamber;
  • Low waste of alloying additives
  • Possibility of equable heating of products by appropriate placement of heaters along the walls of the oven chamber or by using forced circulation of the furnace atmosphere
  • Compact design and high heating power
  • Control automation, the possibility of integration into industrial technological chains
  • Easy adjustment of operating modes, automatic power control with complex temperature exposure curves
  • The ability to carry out processing in a favorable
  • Compatibility with modes of a special atmosphere under chemical and thermal exposure (nitriding, cementation, etc.)
  • Lack of exhaust systems, etc.


We work throughout Ukraine and with all European and CIS countries!

Quality materials for resistance furnaces

An important task in the design of a furnace is to determine the geometric dimensions of the chamber, as well as the energy, electrical and thermal parameters of the furnace. The solution to many technical issues is based on the correct choice of materials.

When designing the furnaces, the latest energy-saving materials and technologies are used, which makes it possible to manufacture modern high-tech equipment. Thanks to its extensive experience and the presence of its own design department, staffed with highly qualified specialists and large production facilities, LLC “PP” Termolit Plus “designs and manufactures electrothermal equipment of any complexity.

After reviewing your application, our specialists will design and manufacture an electric resistance furnace that best suits your technical requirements, we provide a detailed drawing and operational documentation. We provide a guarantee for all types of products of LLC “PP” Termolit Plus “