Cooling towers

Small-sized fan cooling towers serve as an efficient circulating water cooler. Thanks to the device of the fan cooling tower, it is possible to reduce the water temperature as efficiently as possible.

It is used in the cooling system of industrial equipment in such:

  • industries as metallurgy;
  • construction;
  • oil;
  • energy;
  • chemical;
  • etc.

The specialists of Termolit PLUS design and manufacture cooling towers and entire cooling systems for production equipment for various purposes.

Each project is accompanied by a complete package of documentation, including heat engineering calculations.

In the design and manufacturing process, all factors are taken into account: the temperature regime of the equipment that requires cooling, the climatic features of the region of operation, and others.

градирня водоохлаждаемая

We create equipment for casting, heating, hardening, heat treatment of metal, equipment cooling systems. We design equipment, manufacture, carry out erection supervision, commissioning of equipment, train personnel.

We design and manufacture non-standard solutions for thermoelectric metal processing. In the production of components and assemblies for induction melting furnaces, we use high quality materials and the latest equipment and machines.

Open type cooling towers

Open-type cooling towers are a container inside that contains a water distributor and sprinklers through which chilled water and a fan are distributed. The principle of operation is quite simple, it consists in mixing water with cooled outside air. In this case, part of the water turns into steam and evaporates with hot air.

Open Cooling Tower Advantage

  • Economic performance and affordable price
  • Cooling tower energy efficiency. Water is cooled by direct contact with air
  • A water trap is installed in front of the fan. Thanks to it, water flows back into the container and most of the moisture stops evaporating.

Closed type cooling tower

It works on the principle of cooling water by passing it through tubes blown by streams of cooled air. It is suitable for cooling water of a high temperature. Also suitable for companies where high quality and purity requirements are placed on the coolant.

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Advantages of a closed cooling tower

  • Small water loss;
  • No debris enters the coolant;
  • There is no need to build a large water tank.

The frame is made of stainless steel, cooling pipes are made of stainless steel, an Italian centrifugal pump for internal circulation, an air fan of domestic production, diffusers and moisture traps made of PVC. The cooling tower is delivered assembled.

The cooling tower comes with its own control cabinet.

Customization and retrofitting

We accept orders for the manufacture of cooling towers and pumping stations, taking into account the individual characteristics of production, non-standard, according to the customer’s specifications, we carry out a heat engineering calculation of the cooling system.

All equipment is certified with a 12 month warranty.