Cooling systems air, liquid and combined

An important element in this industry is the cooling system. Today, they are used in thyristor frequency converters, induction smelting furnaces, high-power inductors, and high-frequency current installations. The modern metallurgical industry is moving forward.

LLC PP “Termolit Plus” improves cooling systems, keeping up with modern innovations.

It is difficult to imagine machine building and metallurgical production without circulating cooling systems, the functional purpose of which is very significant – maintaining the required temperature regime of the equipment.

An effective cooling system allows protecting the installation from burnout, ensuring the maintenance of the proper temperature of the elements, preventing the destruction and wear of materials. In parallel, the life of the lining is increased and the constant operation of the equipment is ensured

Cooling system types

To cool the heat-loaded elements of the melting furnace, various induction installations and other types of machines and machine tools, three types of cooling are used:

  • liquid – a method of cooling with ordinary running, (often technical) water
  • air – evaporative cooling (based on the principle of natural and forced circulation)
  • combined – combined liquid and air

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of cooling systems

Technical type of cooling with the help of running water is carried out by means of a continuous flow, the volume of which must ensure the absence of scale. The advantage of this most common system is its affordability. The disadvantage of this system is the formation of scale, since an open flow of technical type water contains salt particles that, during heating, settle on the walls, which interfere with the removal of heat and loss of coolant due to evaporation.

Air cooling has recently been widely introduced in the metallurgical and machine-building industries. In this cooling system, heat from the heated elements is removed by a liquid, and supplied to a heat exchanger (closed-type cooling tower), then the heat is carried away by the forced air flow. In other words, the heat taken up by the cooling water is disposed by air. The advantage is a completely closed circulating circuit and a relatively low price, the absence of a storage tank.

The combined refrigeration system uses recirculated coolant that is cooled through an air condenser or chiller. The advantage of such systems is a small footprint, mobility of installation and the ability to transport the system if necessary, the absence of a storage tank. The disadvantage of such systems is the high cost of equipment.

Cooling systems from trusted partners

LLC “Termolit Plus” is engaged in the design, creation and implementation of the latest cooling systems that meet all modern safety requirements. We manufacture equipment successfully cooling the following equipment:

  • melting furnaces;
  • capacitor banks;
  • heating and hardening plants;
  • thyristor and electrical machine frequency converters;
  • transformers and high frequency transistor generator.

Additionally, we create refrigeration equipment and water installations for TFC. We work throughout Russia and Ukraine, as well as with the CIS countries and Europe. Prompt delivery of finished products to any region in the shortest possible time.