Manufacturing of non-standard equipment for heat treatment and melting

Many modern enterprises of the machine-building, metallurgical and chemical industries use new technological solutions and approaches in production practice. This is related to the design and further production of various non-standard equipment for heat treatment of materials and metals. Since new technological processes cannot be carried out using only a standard set of equipment, equipment of non-standard samples is required, which are not widely used.

Our qualified specialists have extensive experience in solving non-standard tasks for heating, quenching or melting various substances. Using new technological approaches, the experience of leading foreign manufacturers and the latest technologies, they will develop all the necessary sketches and drawings, in full accordance with the customer’s requirements. After that, the production of unique equipment will begin, taking into account all the customer’s requirements. Our company cooperates with companies that, on the basis of their new developments, master new products and introduce new technologies.

Examples of designed and manufactured equipment

  1. “Chemical Ukraine” Thermal furnace for the manufacture of special additives for improving and modifying alloys

2. Induction installation for utilization of organic waste “Natan”.

3.  “Coral Invest” Induction plant for the recycling of car tires

When designing equipment, it is very important to get acquainted with the world experience in the field of non-standard solutions. The process of designing and manufacturing non-standard products itself always requires a non-standard approach, because of the customer’s requirements, which requires non-traditional solutions and their satisfaction. As a result, the material is individually selected for each such product, the equipment is designed, and the technological processes are being worked out. The result of a systematic approach to solving the problem is the receipt of unique equipment.

A situation often arises when you cannot find equipment that fully covers the needs of a particular technological process. In this case, in order not to break the technological chain, one cannot do without the manufacture of non-standard equipment. “Termolit Plus” develops and manufactures custom-made finished products or individual units. All equipment is manufactured in full accordance with the developed and approved project, technical specifications and customer requirements.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with us:

  • an individual approach to each task;
  • high quality equipment and production time;
  • use of the most advanced technologies;
  • cost of work performed;
  • you can set a task and get an excellent result of our joint work – ready-made equipment.

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