Manufacturing of components and spare parts

After purchasing the equipment, even if all the rules and regulations of operation are observed, it is periodically necessary to replace quickly wearing parts.

Components and spare parts for melting furnaces:

  • Water-cooled cables;
  • Refractory plates;
  • Electrode holders;
  • Special non-magnetic hardware;
  • Glass fiber insulators;
  • TFC controller blocks;
  • Thyristors, transformers, etc.

Our company has a good name, cooperates with many of our customers in Ukraine and abroad on a long-term basis. If necessary, we are always ready to help, provide the necessary advice, send a specialist or supply the missing spare part. We are ready to supply the entire range of units and components of our ITPE developments, regardless of the year of manufacture, with high quality and in the shortest possible time.

Manufacturing of components and spare parts for foreign furnaces

The evolution of mankind changes many technological processes and at the same time replaces equipment with new ones, but at the same time, the equipment being operated needs spare parts, which eventually fail. So, for example, finding spare parts for equipment manufactured in Germany, Italy, the USA in 1995 – 2010 is problematic, for the most part they are discontinued, and the manufacturer is not very interested in manufacturing a small batch of components. We are ready to solve your problem, develop drawings and make the necessary part, even with a single order

Using the technological approaches of foreign manufacturers, we develop the necessary sketches and drawings, coordinate them with the customer’s requirements and manufacture them at our enterprise. Very often you have to deal with the need to supply unique parts produced in piece copies.

Manufacturing of components and spare parts for IST, ICT, IAT

Equipment for heat treatment and melting of metal produced in the USSR needs components, but due to the fact that the enterprises that produced these products ceased their activities, there was a shortage of necessary components. It should be noted that with the advent of new materials, many production processes have changed, it became possible to improve quality and reduce production costs. The developed designs of power cables and inductors, which were produced in the seventies – eighties, our company undertakes to manufacture with improved technical characteristics.

The main technological capacities of our enterprise:

– procurement workshop;

– area of refractory product;

– mechanical assembly workshop;

– argon-arc welding section;

– thermal furnaces for volumetric hardening, installation of high frequency current.

We are ready to develop and manufacture non-standard components according to the technical specifications and the customer’s drawing.

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We work throughout Russia and Ukraine, as well as with the CIS countries and Europe. Prompt delivery of finished products to any region in the shortest possible time.