Heat exchanger – Heat exchange cabinets and stations

Heat exchange cabinets and stations, the so-called heat exchanger offered by Termolit Plus LLC, are widely used for the needs of equipment cooling by passing distilled water through a two-loop water / water system.


What is a heat exchanger and where is it used?

The main reason for the hardware malfunction of the HDTV, TFC, INU or IZU is the mediocre quality of the cooler. The heat exchanger used in the systems (high-frequency generator, theristors, capacitors) prevents salt formation on the walls of the cooled equipment, which additionally negates the corrosion of live surfaces, thereby improving the production process.

The principle of operation of the heat exchanger (heat exchange cabinets and stations)

The heat exchange cabinet is a closed double-circuit design filled with distilled water. The latter circulates thanks to electric pumps that are mounted in heat exchange equipment. When making a heat exchanger, ion-exchange filters cannot be dispensed with. They perform the following function:

*Absorb salts in water;

*Maintain fluid conductivity at 1S level and below.

The heat exchanger unit is equipped with sensors for ionization control. To prevent electrical conductivity of the cooler.

The presence of two circuits saves the amount of fluid as much as possible.

Heat exchanger, design features of the heat exchange cabinet

The heat exchanger is created in such a way that the flows of distillate and process water inside the body of the system are always directed towards each other. This technique significantly improves the cooling process of the heat exchanger cabinet.

Plate heat exchangers additionally provide the most efficient heat dissipation, using a smaller volume of water, which entails less salt deposits compared to shell and tube counterparts. Labor costs are also lower, and the cleaned surface can be restored with 100% probability.

Heat exchanger. Water composition pre-indications

Heat exchange cabinet or heat exchanger – we make any non-standard types! For the secondary circuit, the requirements for the quality of the liquid are low, which makes it possible to fill in the liquid from the factory supply, sewage system or a man-made reservoir. The main criterion is no external additives and the temperature is in the range of 25-30 degrees Celsius.

Buy a heat exchanger in Ukraine and throughout the CIS

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