Chamber and muffle electric resistance furnaces

The Electric Resistance Furnace (ERS) is a type of electromechanical type installations used for heating and remelting metals using a pulsed current passed through their heating elements.

Resistance Chamber Furnace SNО 4.6.4 / 12.5

Thermal rotary melting electric furnace СХТ – 508

Resistance chamber electric furnace СНО – 4.8.3-12.5

Resistance furnace – types and methods of work

Divided into 2 groups:

*Direct impact thermal furnace;

*Indirect action (using a sequential system of conductors).

ERS has become widespread in such areas as:

*Metallurgy and heavy industry;

*Laboratory research;

*Melting, roasting;

*Heat treatment or hardening and tempering of products.

*The installation is compact. It fits easily in a small blacksmith shop or small business.

Advantages of resistance furnaces from LLC Termolit Plus

ERS allows you to evenly heat the part up to 1250 degrees Celsius. The control is fully automatic, which allows the installation to be introduced into the technological conveyor. The operating mode can be adjusted as simply as possible, even with complex temperature curves.

Several methods are used as sealing:


*Inert gases;

*Thermal and chemical treatment.

Differences between direct and indirect resistance furnaces

The indirect circuit is based on heat-resistant heaters (fechral, nichrome, resist or kanthal), which has the following features:

Direct-acting ERS operates according to the following principle: current is passed through the workpiece, which provides instant heating to the required temperature. Among the disadvantages of the installation, it should be noted the large dimensions and problematic temperature control.


*Long lasting work;

*Fine tuning of operating temperatures;

*Precise heat transfer.

*Providing heat transfer occurs through radiation, convection or heat conduction. These factors are often combined with each other.

Benefits of working with us

The company “Termolit-Plus” offers its new and regular customers to buy electric resistance furnaces of direct and indirect action at the most attractive prices on the Internet. We offer our own finished products, and also accept individual orders for private organizations and large enterprises, there may also be useful information in this article.

We develop according to the customer’s specifications, carry out modernization and relining of furnaces, ensuring the installation with all the necessary elements of regulation and safety.

We deliver goods anywhere in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the CIS countries in a short time, supplying the installation with detailed instructions for operation and maintenance. We also provide repair services for furnaces of any complexity.