Burner block

The burner block is one of the key elements of refractory masonry, commonly used for burners and boilers, as well as for induction crucible furnaces. The raw materials for the product are high-alumina materials, which make it possible to create products with exceptional performance characteristics. Also, the refractory block is characterized by long-term operation and use in an environment with a maximum temperature of about 1750 degrees Celsius.

Burner blocks P-2

Using the component allows to:

*Provide thermal insulation properties of the smelter from the consequences of the high-temperature torch;

*Correctly open the working angle of the burner;

*Avoid disruption of the configuration, which is typical for refractory bricks;

*Significantly increase the life of the lining due to heat resistance;

*Reduce the time spent installing the footer.

The need for material

The refractory block is used as a thermal insulation tool, reliably protecting the induction furnace from destruction. It will inevitably occur if the products are not protected from the excessive temperatures generated by the burner. An ordinary stone or brick is not suitable for this role, since it is unable to withstand temperatures above 1700 degrees for a long time. As a result, it burns out, destroying the heating installation.

The block is installed in such a way as to become part of the heating unit, at the same time not experiencing the effect of the burner. Competent installation is the key to the durability of the device and its safe operation in general.

LLC “Termolit Plus” sells a burner blocks created in accordance with GOST 22442-77. As the main technology, the vibro-forming method is used, which ensures the most accurate size and quality of the product.

We also carry out individual orders, creating projects according to your drawings for any type of burner or boiler. We work throughout the CIS.