Pumping cooling stations

Pumping cooling stations are used as an element of providing cooling equipment with clean water in the required amount on a constant basis. The source of the liquid is a well, well, or other reservoir. They perform 2 functions in parallel:

*Cold water supply;

*Waste (hot) liquid drainage from the system.

Cooling pump station for furnace

Pumping stations for furnace cooling

Industrial plants are capable of pumping huge volumes of water through the system, which causes an increase in the load on the turbine or pump. However, the method ensures the stability of the equipment, which is prone to overheating. To achieve maximum stability, vacuum / circulation pumps are used, as well as backup equipment:

*Circulating – used for heating systems, where the speed of water supply and the power of the installation are important;

*Vacuum – universal products with the possibility of “hot replacement” of failed parts, increased wear resistance.

Types of pumping stations for cooling

Regardless of the scope of application, equipment is divided into 3 key categories:

*Vortex – pressure build-up by means of vortex flows, which are formed by impellers. To start the system, a starting pressure is required, besides, the pump is quite sensitive to atmospheric pressure drops, and therefore is suitable only for operation in rooms and closed workshops;

*Centrifugal – creates pressure using a centrifugal wheel. It pushes water upward from almost any depth. The most optimal water collection point is wells. A distinctive feature of the model is the ability to withstand any temperature of the supplied fluid;

*Sewer is a very bulky but effective equipment consisting of several pumps, sensors and a well-developed pipeline. For work, it is often enough to have a gravity-flow sewage system.

Pump water mirror level

The most important condition for most pumps is the level of the water mirror (above 9 meters), otherwise it will be problematic for the pump to raise the liquid and transfer it further through the system.

To remove this drawback, models with a hydraulic tank and hydraulic accumulators were developed. The principle of their operation is as follows: when you open the tap, water comes out of the tank, into which it was previously pumped, to create the required specific pressure that can be adjusted.

Advantage of the product: there is always the necessary supply of liquid in the tank, which is used in the event of a power outage. Also, this feature allows you to use the pump to a lesser extent.

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