Induction heating and melting furnaces capacitors

Electrothermal capacitors are designed for use in induction heating and smelting furnaces. With their help, oscillatory circuits are tuned and their power factor is increased. The element is indispensable in the design of powerful industrial plants. They allow generating a consistently high current of medium and high frequencies. Significantly speeds up the heating and melting of metals.

ITPE capacitor bank – 3.0. Stages of assembly

Melting Furnace Condenser TP 1.0-2515-1S

Repair of Czech capacitors ZEZ SILKO

Capacitors T-P 0.8-1287-1S

Condenser design features

According to the manufacturing method, the induction capacitor can be either completely sealed or clothed in a reliable protective coating. Additionally, when designing, the installation of temperature and pressure sensors can be laid. They protect against internal pressure generated by gases and overheating. Overheating often occurs during poor cooling, or during breakdown of condenser sections.

Eliminate overheating of the capacitor leads to the common bus, each output is included in the common circuit separately. The connection is additionally coupled with the busbar of the terminals with flexible conductors-compensators, which will eliminate mechanical overload on the terminals. At the same time preventing damage to the integrity and tightness of the structure.

To reduce condenser heating, common busbars are equipped with cooling systems based on cold water circulation, which indicates the obligatory supply of the cooler to the condenser. Read more about capacitors.

The principle of manufacturing furnace capacitors

Capacitors for induction heating and melting, manufactured using the “ALL Film” technology. A special polypropylene film is used as a dielectric, additionally impregnated with liquid synthetics, the composition of which is absolutely harmless.

Aluminum foil acts as an electrode. Water cooled condensers have a common pole on the body. It is possible to create with an insulated frame of various shapes and sizes.

The design often has several outputs, allowing you to receive a high current load, using separate taps in parallel to individually adjust each circuit.

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