Water-cooled power cables

Water-cooled power cables for induction melting furnaces – construction based on copper conductor with a cross-section of 150-1000 sq. Mm. The product is covered with a rubber-fabric sleeve, inside which a cooler circulates, which reduces the temperature of the cable line.

Due to its design, the product is able to freely withstand loads and operate at current densities up to 10A / sq. mm.

Water-cooled cable IST 0.16

Inductotherm 1.0 water-cooled power cable

WCPC nozzle – 4500

WCPC 1000 water-cooled cable

Cable nozzles

EGES furnace cable, 8 tons

WCPC 2800 power cable

WCPC 4500

WCPC 750

WCPC 3200 cable

EGES cable 3t

WCPC 2100

ITP cable 0.4

The pipe tire. Product characteristics

The cables have the following schematic marking – WCC 400-II-7.0:

*WCPC – water-cooled power cable;

*400 – conductor cross-section is 400 sq. Mm;

*II – execution option;

*7.0 – the length of the finished product is 7 linear meters.

The length, like the nozzle, is individually agreed with the customer, since all details of the product are individual. The water pressure for the product ranges from 0.3 to 0.5 MPa. The outlet fluid temperature does not exceed 5.5 degrees Celsius.

Power products are divided into 2 types:

*KKSVI – a rubber-fabric sleeve is created from dielectric materials. The product is aimed at working with induction furnaces of industrial frequencies (60 Hz);

*KSVI – rubber-fabric sleeve is made of high-strength soot-free material. The product can withstand higher frequencies in the range of 150 to 10,000 Hz.

Assembled cable end

The length is calculated in meters, while the distance is taken to be the transverse axis of the contacts of the two ends of the assembled cable. They are individually agreed with both the customer and the manufacturer.

The following techniques are often used as additional protection for the sleeve:

*Ceramic coating along the entire length of the sleeve;

*Ceramic coating only from the furnace side;

*Silica rubberized mesh cover.

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