Accessories for steelmaking induction equipment

Induction equipment accessory. Termolit Plus manufactures components to order. It repairs, restores individual parts and assemblies. Also develops units and accessories according to his own experience! We modernize and improve equipment to order, of any complexity.

Induction furnace reactor Induktotherm – 3 tons RS – 1100

Own development of the induction furnace reactor. Termolit Plus is the only enterprise in the CIS that has manufactured such a reactor!

Channel furnace magnetic core

Hardening transformer TZ 7 – 800

Induction equipment accessory

Capacitor battery ITPE-0.25

Capacitor bank 0.5

Capacitor bank 0.16

IChT-2.5 furnace magnetic core

Also additional components such as pyrometers can be viewed from our partners by clicking on this link.