Inductors for electric melting furnaces. Photo

An inductor is a key element of an induction melting furnace, as it creates the electromagnetic field required to heat and melt the metal. In addition to the basic purpose, it has one design feature – it takes the load from the crucible, determining the stability of the furnace as a whole.

Inductor. Photo of the IChT-2.5 furnace

Induction furnace basket IST-1,0 with inductor

Inductor. Photo of the IChT 31-7 furnace

IChT – 6.0 furnace inductor

Photo of the ILT-10 furnace inductor

ILT 1.0 inductor  photo, 3 pieces

Photo of the inductor of the vacuum furnace

Photo of EGES furnace inductor 650 kg

Silver melting furnace inductor

Thermotool CFI installation inductors

IChT, ITP melting furnace inductors

“Induktoterm” inductor photo – 20t

Channel furnace coil

Photo of the heating and quenching installations inductor

IChT 6.0 furnace melting insert, complete