Cooling towers and cooling stations

Cooling towers and cooling stations are a system used to rapidly cool large quantities of water. Directed air flow serves as the refrigerant. Alternative name of the product is a cooling tower. Today it is the most efficient unit for reducing the temperature of liquids in recirculating water cooling systems.

The tower provides adequate air draft for cooling and natural drainage of heated air masses that rise from the cooling tower.

Small-sized cooling towers GМТ-80 and GМТ 40

Heat exchange stations IM 560 and IM 2750

GMT 60

Cooling Tower Working Principle

The process of lowering the temperature of liquids in tanks occurs due to the partial evaporation of water vapor, which is in contact with air. Water flows through the sprinkler, around which powerful eddies pass. When the system operates, the following principle applies: the evaporation of 1% of water extinguishes the temperature of the remaining liquid by 6 degrees Celsius.

Loss of coolant can be replenished with external tanks. If necessary, the water is filtered.

Cooling tower types

According to the principle of air circulation, several types of installations can be distinguished:

*fan (cooling by reverse air flows);

*tower (spraying hot liquid by nozzles on a special surface from which the liquid flows in thin films. Slow flow cools the water);

*ejection (spraying through special channels and natural air intake)

By irrigation type:




Separately, we would like to highlight the “dry” cooling towers, or drycoolers used at heat and power plants and nuclear power plants for operational cooling of all key components of the station.

In all cases, water in one way or another comes into contact with air, giving up its heat, and then returns to the system to re-cool heat exchangers and other devices.

Cooling towers operating conditions

Cooling towers operate in difficult conditions, since the walls from the outside are regularly exposed to cold air and precipitation (rain, snow). Inside, the temperature is much higher, which contributes to the formation of wet steam and condensation.

The choice of material for such structures is of paramount importance since it is necessary to take into account the regular temperature drops and differences, ensuring the stable operation of the installations.

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