We create equipment for casting, heating, hardening, heat treatment of metal, equipment cooling systems. We design equipment, manufacture, carry out erection supervision, commissioning of equipment, train personnel.

List of manufactured equipment:

  • Induction crucible melting furnaces;
  • Induction heating units;
  • Induction hardening installations;
  • Thyristor frequency converters;
  • Resistance furnaces;
  • Equipment cooling systems;
  • Inductors of different types and capacities;
  • Water-cooled and air-cooled power cables;
  • Accessories for the above equipment.

What work we do:

  • Repair and modernization of induction furnaces.
  • Repair of induction heating and quenching installations.
  • Repair of resistance furnaces.
  • Repair of inductors of melting furnaces of any manufacturer and modification, with a capacity of up to 31 tons inclusive.
  • Repair of HFC inductors, heating and hardening installations.
  • Repair and modernization of equipment cooling systems.
  • Repair and modernization of obsolete TFC.
  • Diagnostics and defects identification.
  • Repair and restoration work.
  • Modernization of induction casting, heating, quenching and thermal equipment.

Our history

After the collapse of the USSR, the dissolution of the old established ties between the factories, the need arose for specialists capable of adjusting the broken down electrothermal and foundry equipment. One of these specialists was father and son, then still very young, the founder and current director of the company.

The experience that they received in their constant business trips to factories across the expanses of the former USSR is invaluable. Over time, the question arose, where to repair the failed equipment? And so the company was born. Little by little the company “overgrown” with specialists and practice. It is the vision of problems with equipment in production, many years of accumulated experience and our own unique developments that allowed us to create our own brand of electrothermal equipment.

At this point in time, we have behind us vast experience and skill in creating with our hands equipment for solving a variety of problems in mechanical engineering and metallurgy.


We understand very well that when choosing a manufacturer of equipment, the main criteria for a buyer is:

  1. QUALITY – We put quality above all else; we purchase exclusively high quality raw materials and supplies. We carry out continuous optimization of production, quality control during the production of equipment, we test equipment during the production process and before delivery to the warehouse.
  2. PRICE – we optimize pricing. We purchase raw materials and materials for the production of equipment directly from manufacturers.
  3. QUALITY GUARANTEE – We provide a quality guarantee for equipment within 12-18 months from the date of delivery. We always fulfill our warranty obligations
  4. SPEED OF DELIVERY OF EQUIPMENT – We set the minimum possible, real terms of production and we always fulfill them
  5. POST WARRANTY SERVICE – Another important aspect, which every year is more and more appreciated all over the world.

“We are always ready to help our clients in solving urgent problems sooner or later arising in each production:”

  • Telephone consultations in case of problems with the installation and maintenance of equipment and on current technical issues;
  • Remote diagnosis of equipment malfunction;
  • Participation of our service technicians in solving problems on site;
  • Fast, competent technical support in case of problems;
  • Available components and spare parts in the warehouse;

As a result of all of the above, the equipment in a warehouse does not lay for a long time.


For us, nothing is impossible! Every day we solve complex and often non-standard tasks in order to produce quality products that meet all the needs of our client. All products manufactured by our company are made by employees who know and believe in their business! Our regular and new clients are the best example of this. We value our reputation, which was not easy to earn!

Remoteness from the client does not scare us. And it shouldn’t scare our potential clients either!

  • We have established a structure of cooperation with foreign clients.
  • The system of transport logistics has been worked out.


Just trust us and you will receive high-quality equipment on which it will be easy for you to work and earn!